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Apartment Fit-Out with an Attic


Often called a loft, an attic is a space usually situated immediately under the roof or below the high-pitched roof of a building. A common feature of an attic space is its slanted shape, which of course is due to its strategic position in between the ceiling of the top floor of a building, and the slanted roof of the building. Attics often have exposed rafters and some corners of the space prove difficult to reach.

In historical context, ancient Romans were known to have made good use of attics specifically for decorative purposes. However, in the contemporary world, it is common practice for attics to be converted into bedrooms, offices, and apartments, fitted with windows and staircases for easy access. Because the attic can prove difficult to reach, most times a ladder could be used as means to gain entrance to inaccessible areas.

Although it comes with several challenges like a lack of definite space and temperature changes, living in an apartment attic is no bad idea. There are many ways you can turn a seemingly unattractive attic into a cozy and warm abode using creative apartment fit-out and interiors suitable for an attic.

You can style your attic so that your interior design and fit-out harmonizes with the function of the space creating an amazing attic apartment. Here are some tips to help you achieve that:

•          Make good use of Natural Light

Attic bedrooms can create a cozy feel when you try to capitalize on the gift of natural light; a result of its closeness to the sky. Instead of avoiding the huge inflow of natural light from the sky, try fewer or no curtains to give your bedroom a bright and well-lit appearance.

•          Create a Guest Bedroom

Attics spaces have a beautiful way of supporting a simple interior design. Simplicity is one of the defining characters of attic interior design. You can decide to create a simple guest bedroom, kids’ room, attic office, or a hangout spot with friends.

•          Choose colors wisely

When choosing color themes make sure to use colors that blend with the interior furnishing and fittings. For a relaxing and welcoming feel try using lighter colors on warm woods and furnishing with deeper shades.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

•          Plan the Furniture’s Layout at Design Stage

Before you begin, putting furniture and fittings assess the space and layout of the attic you intend to use. This will help you know how to arrange the furniture so that it doesn’t consume much space, remember attics don’t have much space to spare.

•          Create built-ins

Attics often have limited space, so it’s good to make proper use of every space. One way you can maximize space is to install fittings like wooden shelves that align in proportion with the angle of the roof. Tognini’s custom furniture pieces and collection of interior solutions and fittings can help you achieve this.

  • Walls and ceilings 

Give the walls and ceilings interior décor solutions that suit the structure of an attic. For the high angular ceiling and walls, wallpapers will create a good homely effect.

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