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Apartment Fit-Out in Italian Style


What’s “fit-out”? It’s nothing sophisticated, it’s simply the process of getting the interior of space ready for occupation. The kind of space available influences the choice of fit-out processes and interior design. It is common practice for constructors of commercial buildings, to leave the spaces bare so occupants could determine the style of interior design (fit-out) to use.

For apartment buildings commonly found in metropolitan areas and city centres, interior design style takes on a unique approach compared to large estate country homes. This is to make space harmonize with the common attributes of modernity and urbaneness characterized by apartment buildings.

Apartment fit-out styles are not spared from the appealing effect of Italian-style interior. Just in case you’re considering giving your apartment interior a new look try refurbishing your apartment with an Italian-style interior. A modern Italian look is a perfect option for apartment space. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

•          Avoid too much effect

Heavy use of patterns and color, which exemplify traditional European styles, are too loud to reflect a modern look. Opt for warm and milder shades and textures like sleek gold or marble to strengthen your Italian effect.

•          Blend with Classics

Italian modern styles are not bereft of the nation’s historical legacy. You can create an interior fit-out combining Italian designs inspired by iconic Italian designers from the 60s or 70s. A candle-burning chandelier and marble sculpture can create that harmonious mix of modernity and classicism 

•          Lighting

You can get the most of Italian style in your apartment making use of creative lighting. Opt for modern Italian chandeliers for a complete room makeover. Choose versions of centerpiece light characterized by detailed traditional Italian artistry to create an Italian feel 

•          Floors 

Intricate parquet and mosaic floors are major features distinguishing Italian style. Terracotta floors are also commonly applicable.

•          Furniture

Use of dark wood lacquered wood, upholstered in velvet pieces, armchairs with brass accents, sofas upholstered in appliquéd leather, center tables furnished with glass and glossy wood finishing, armchairs dressed in artistic tapestry, wing chairs covered in floral art complemented with a gilt-wood chandelier are attributes of Italian style. Italian leather also comes in handy, with its gorgeous and luxurious effect. Examples of this furniture are proudly displayed in the Tognini furniture collection.

A rustic look with distressed surfaces, complex patterns, and rustic textures are common features with Italian furniture pieces. Similarly, dark rich brown or burnt redwood finishes also create a suitable Italian feel.

•          Wallcoverings | Boiserie

Boiserie wall coverings with wooden panels finishing add an exotic ambiance to an apartment. Similarly, Instead of simple wallpapers, Italians make use of wall decorations that depicts the rich Italian art and design like magnificent Venetian plaster, mosaics, and wall paintings,

•          Ceiling

Try gracing your ceilings with Venetian chandeliers surrounded by skilful fretworks with decorative elements like curbs, rosettes, cornices, and friezes, which complement a stucco ceiling decoration. Tognini provides turnkey interior solutions, which also include fretworks for ceilings.  

Contact an Italian design house like Tognini Arredamenti to provide Italian-style interior solutions for your apartment space.

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