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7 Ideas for Bar Renovation


The bar is a commercial establishment that must always keep up with the times and constantly renew itself to offer its customers an innovative service in which to meet with friends, to drink and have fun, to feel welcomed in a comfortable environment. Renewing your bar by re-entering your expenses and tightening the timing as much as possible is now possible thanks to the interior designers of Tognini Arredamenti.

With a turnkey solution it is in fact possible to renovate interiors for bars without too many worries: you will have your bar renovated with custom-made furnishings and innovative designs ready to be used and open to the public right away. There is no limit to what our interior architects are able to achieve, your every need will be respected by professionals in the interior design sector, what you will have to do is just let yourself be inspired by these 7 ideas that we have collected for the your business and choose the one that best suits your aesthetic and functional tastes.

Renovating a bar: 7 design ideas

1. Choose a new set of colors

A bar can totally change its face when the tones that characterize it change. Repainting the walls and reconsidering the tones of the environment is also a convenient and quick way to renovate your bar, even if it is not enough on its own to have a balanced environment but it is also necessary to reconsider the design of the furniture. For example, if you decide to move from a suffused and dark-toned environment to an open and illuminated type, the main components, such as the counter and seats, will also have to be revised.

2. Choose a green style

Today, healthy eating and attention to the environment are very fashionable, so your bar could attract many customers thanks to a space designed to be avant-garde: choose materials such as bamboo, light wood and fill the space with plant. Precisely indicates how to do the separate collection in the bar and lets in the light. Entering the bar will be even more welcoming and youthful, within everyone’s reach.

3. Enter a coworking space in the bar

Within the most dynamic cities there are many who work in smart working or remotely, or who study; for this reason, many bars are being renovated to allow as many people as possible to have a space in which to work or study away from home, to be able to disconnect a little from everyday life. After all, what you will need to add are just some electrical sockets and allow everyone to be able to connect to the wifi you already have.

4. Create a club

Many professionals love to meet outside the office walls, make deals and have a chat at the bar. So why not think of a space that is perfect for them: soft lighting, a quiet environment and comfortable armchairs with low tables that will allow many entrepreneurs to meet inside your bar and talk about work. In this way your bar will appear to be an exclusive environment, like a club.

5. Choose a bespoke counter

The bar counter is the backbone and the heart of the whole environment and is not just a piece of furniture, it is also the main place to express the personality of the environment. For a modern and refined design you could opt for a bottle green, a very intense and at the same time bright color. For the counter it is essential to think outside the box because even if the concept must remain the same, you can opt for innovative and particular materials, and recreate effects by creating custom-made furnishings.

6. Create a new atmosphere with the right lighting

Where to place the lamps or what kind of shade to give to the environment is essential, and even in this case there is plenty of room for the creation of innovative solutions in terms of design. Adequate lighting is able to enhance the shapes and materials of custom-made furniture, made by craftsmen specialized in Made in Italy.

7. Country side

A country style is always very welcoming and can be innovative and modern if you think about it properly. The country style will ensure that customers, upon entering the bar, are catapulted into another world, immersed in a rustic but classy environment. Blackboards for the handwritten menu, ears of wheat and a copper or raw metal counter, with the welds in evidence. These are some of the details that make a bar a bit country and modern at the same time.

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