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3 Important Things to Consider when Refurbishing Pub


You might decide to refurbish your pub for many reasons. Well, making that decision is a big move and may need adequate preparation. Refurbishing your pub is crucial for growth and maximized profits. Refurbishing the pub can be anything from changing the look of the interior or painting the exterior. It could mean changing or upgrading your furniture and even services or catering equipment. Refurbishing projects can go as far as completely changing the look of the bar and adding new spaces and facilities. Adding to the outdoor amenities of your pub is a good refurbishment practice. You can start by adding outdoor canopies or huts for your customers, outdoor grills, and open fire. Pubs are not alone in the recreational industry; they now have to compete with restaurants, Cafe’s, coffee shops that are all after the same set of customers. If you must refurbish your pub, you must do it to entice and attract your customers. Pay attention to the overall appeal of your pub to your customers, from interior to exterior facilities. Here, we will discuss three crucial things to consider when refurbishing your pub.

1. Budget: First and foremost, it is important to keep aside a reasonable and sufficient budget before refurbishing the pub. Your budget allows you to dictate the scale of your refurbishment project, and there you can make up for miscellaneous expenses. Before drafting your budget, you should have a vivid mental picture of what you aim to achieve in your pub and then allocate the required funds for the project. Most times, total refurbishment may demand you pause on business activities until completion. In the budget, you can properly factor in the loss of revenue that amasses during the refurbishment process.

2. Indoor and outdoor space: Space is important; space is everything your customers feel about visiting your pub. If you’re going to refurbish your pub, then you must carefully put space allocation into careful consideration. Usually, most pub owners are carried away and forget to place attention on the indoor and outdoor space of their pub; the pub gradually loses a comfortable atmosphere and they, in turn, begin to lose customers. Pubs with an outdoor space should give it the same treatment they give to the indoor space. When customers come, their first impression is the outdoor space before they see the Indoor space. Use the leverage of outdoor spaces to give your customers a pleasant and new first experience whenever they visit the pub.

3. Location: For every business, location is crucial, and the same goes for pubs. Location is important in refurbishment as the design of the interior would be more effective if it resonated with the location of the pub. A lot of people visit places simply for the asthetics, and usually, their asthetics are tied to an experience in their life. Refurbishing your pub to fit the asthetics of the location is a solid way to attract and retain customers and should be considered before any refurbishing project. Make sure to gather inspiration from the location and adopt it in your refurbishment project.

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