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10 Creative Office Refurbishment Ideas


When a company decides to give its office a new look they usually carry out an office refurbishment. Updating and redesigning an office space already in use is a major aim of office refurbishment. It is essential for workspaces to reflect current organizational policy, rebranding goals and organizational changes of an organization as well as being worker-friendly.

Moreover, office properties like furniture can wear out over time. This is why organizations need to carry out office refurbishment projects after a long period. Major office refurbishment plans could include installing innovative interior solutions that incorporate current demands of climate change, for example making use of eco-friendly furniture or rather furniture sourced with eco-friendly processes and renewable energy or generally making the office space greener.

Office refurbishment plans are also made in response to the needs of clients, or the needs of the general workforce of the organization. Changes like the increase in growth of a company would translate to an increase in the workforce creating the need for new spaces in the workplace.

Are you thinking of creating your office refurbishment plans? Here’s a list of 10 creative office refurbishment ideas!

1.         Go greener

Go greener with a design style that incorporates features of the natural world. You can implement this idea by installing natural wood on surfaces, cabinets, etc., or making use of indoor plants to create a natural feel. Also, try installing recycling facilities.

2.         Green electricity

This is achieved by switching to green energy solutions like solar and biofuel. 

3.         Incorporating leisure and function

Create comfortable leisure spots within workspaces so employees could maximize leisure and function. This can help them feel relaxed and reduce work pressure. You can achieve this by opting for comfortable furnishings like a soft sofa with a cushion effect.

4.         Attractive reception and lobby

The reception area and lobby are strategic areas of the office. It’s the clients’ first contact with the organization’s choice of interior solutions. Choose interiors that reflect innovation, simplicity, and functionality. Use furnished wood, marble, or glass for the bar counters, this creates a glittering effect.  

5.         Tech friendly

Incorporate recent technological advancement, and use interior solutions that allow the implementation of new modern technologies for example smart designs with an electronic door lock. 

6.         Community friendly

Use interior solutions that create easy communal relationships among employees by using features depicting a sense of family amongst employees. 

7.         Incorporate your brand

For example, if your company produces wildlife services, you could opt for a sofa or center table upholstered in leopard skin textile.  

8.         Extensive brand effect

Make use of brand colors, motifs, and qualities that identify with the type of services you offer. 

9.         Storage solutions

Office equipment like stationery can be stored innovatively. Multi-functional furniture is an interior solution that saves pace, examples are, lift-able coffee tables, mobile shelving units, and hanging wall fixtures. They help make the office look organized  

10.       Healthy and inclusive furniture

Furniture like adjustable-height desks allows switching between seating and standing while working.  This type of interior is also favorable for employees with disabilities. Tognini, an interior design solutions provider provides these types of furniture and interior fixtures for offices. 

You obviously can’t get your office refurbishment done on your own that’s why you so you’ll need to consult an interior design solutions provider and Tognini Arredamenti is the best option. They provide office refurbishment services as part of their varied interior solutions services.

Are you an interior designer? An architect?

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